MF Packaging Manufactory is a manufacturer direct rather than a third party; we ourselves own our Paper/Plastic factories. The group is family owned, and a leader in the deluxe packaging industry, we have delivered innovative and creative packaging solutions to luxury global brands since 1982. MF provides premium packaging to the world’s most prestigious brands, ensuring high quality, creativity, and precise reliability.

We are able to offer a complete one-stop packaging service from design, production, printing, packing to final delivery. Factories are located in Shenzhen China. By virtue of our reliable products, multilingual customer support, excellent service; we enjoy a high reputation within the industry. Currently we supply clients in Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North America and South America; all customers enjoy the highest levels of service with unparalleled quality.

• We are committed to sustainability and a better world
• Find innovations solutions to make our customers more profitable and successful
• Relentlessly surpass customer expectations
• Produce superior quality printing and packaging technologies
• Develop long-lasting and loyal relationships with customers

We’ve got what you need:
• Manufacturing all your packaging requirements in one place with complete packaging solutions
• Full professional infrastructure utilizing flexible production methods
• We provide all the support you need, helping you to save time and reduce costs
• A Packaging supplier that understands your business, with stricter packaging specification control for improved consistency every order
• We understand the way customers wish to conduct business and strive to never over promise and then under-deliver.